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On our way towards a better tomorrow. Volume 1.

January 1st 2022


Our mission has always been and always will be to come up with innovative designs, create and give birth to the most stylish, sustainable and safe way of moving for the human being inside and outside of big urban centres.

But there's more than just words.


When we talk about sustainability we mean it.

We are all living in complex times nowadays. Times where the vision towards a better tomorrow gets blurred by what is happening around us. Times where the need of changing your lifestyle and habits in favour of the environment is no longer an option.  

Our commitment is constant and we will not settle now.

We have just started to shape our future and want you to participate in it.

The factories that operate around our company are located around the Lake Varese, north of Italy, surrounded by mesmerizing mountains, waterways and forests. Varese's region is mostly known for its strong network of family-owned companies that produce high quality products.

We decided to keep the majority of our suppliers integrated into this network of small factories that exist in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. Not only to lower the overall carbon footprint of logistics operations but because we strongly believe that the best way to expand our business is to trust, learn and personally know all the figures involved within our world.



An Avant Garde Brand.
Made in Italy.

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grams of Carbon dioxide have been saved from SZ Bikes users in 2021 by using the bicycle for daily commutes instead of cars or other fossil fuel-based vehicles.

On total, SZ Bikes users rode more than 50.000 kilometres in 2021.

Fase rettangolare


In 2021 we decided that our ideas had to evolve.

We firmly believed that putting into action our vision of good design, organization and the will to construct and find solutions for our customers and planet would have established a system. A system that soon became a life. A life that we love!

Each day we try to improve what we tried to achieve the day before. There's no better way to harness inspiration than to look and observe what surrounds us. Feel the needs and collect creative thoughts.

Because in order to create you need to search.

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What the future holds

The uprising cost, need and general slowdown in the supply chain of raw material got us thinking.

It made us reflect on how we were handling our business, our needs, our dreams.

And it made us question:

Is there no other way to make things different, better and more efficient under every point of view?


In these months we have had the privilege and luck to broaden our horizons.

We have started to discover new materials, new technologies that permit unlimited creative freedom.


And we can't wait to tell you more!