For future Heroes.



The One was born with only one idea in mind. 

Delivering the best first experience to future heroes.

Making small ones dream big!

Designed to be the first adventure companion for kids between 18 months and 5 years it's the perfect replica of our Equilibrium Bike.

Inspiration | Nike Joyride

"Nike Joyride is designed to work for every runner, at every stage of their journey. It helps keep your legs and feet feeling fresh, so you’ll want to go again—whether yesterday was the longest run of your life or your first run ever." 

Our Team focused on creating more than just a product. The goal was to design the fist experience that could open the trail to the future of young bicycle fans.


Where life begins and love never ends 


The Golden Ratio


The One is the first type of learner's bicycle that has no pedals but is instead moved by the rider pushing their feet along the ground.

The  frame geometry has been developed  with the aim of guaranteeing a safe and comfortable ride in every condition.

A selection of pastel colors will give the iconic touch to the rim design while the frame has been hand brushed and laser engraved in order to create a one off edition for the very young riders.