SZ Bikes speaks for the Mobility of the future.

Our mission is to provide the most stylish, sustainable and safe way of moving in and out of big urban centres.





It is the way People move in the city. The most common and important move is from home-work, work-home.

Urban Mobility has become an important indicator to measure lives quality in big urban centres.

What is Urban Mobility?

The Story

It all started back in 2010 when Stefano Zellner (Founder) came across an abandoned bicycle and started to restore and reassemble it. In his search for a place where he could work on the bicycle, his father provided him with a working spot in his garage, next to the Varese Lake in northern Italy.

After spending days and weeks working on his project, he finished the bike and felt satisfaction after seeing the result. This experience highly motivated Stefano to pursue his new hobby and, as more and more friends requested his bicycles, the idea of investing  more time into this newborn passion came to life.

Throughout the years he was able to develop his own personal style, trying to create bikes that can be fashionable, innovative and joyful to ride at once.

Since January 2017, SZ Bikes has started producing its first official models.