We are the creators

of our own geometry.



Project Heartbeat is a statement. 

A statement of hope.

Because you can still shine in the darkness.

Because you can create and make a difference.

In connection with the 2020 Varese Design Week we decided to come up with a one-off design of our bikes and donate its proceeds to the non profit organisation Fondazione Giacomo Ascoli in order to help their activity and their commitment to support the research against oncohematological diseases.

Human Connection

We drove our inspiration from the neon body art movement.

Its purpose is to express ones own nature and instinct, to adorn oneself by creating new shapes and effects that wouldn't be possible in a normale state.

We wanted to recreate similar outcomes and most importantly provoke the audience by comparing an inanimate object such as our aluminium frame to a human body.

In this way, the frame comes alive and gains a completely different and unexpected significance.


The Golden Ratio


State of the art carbon fiber parts merge together with our aluminium frame and provide the perfect look. From start to finish. From every point of view.

With an overall weight of just 7,5 kilograms, Heartbeat is the perfect companion for city commutes. 


SmartHalo quietly syncs to your phone to make your rides more efficient, safe and fun. It’s always there when you need it and will guide you around town, protect your bike from theft, light the way at night, and so much more.

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