The ultimate
Lighting experience

More than just a Lamp

Minimalistic, smart, sleek: Our Nova floor lamp fits every interior environment and doubles as a versatile bicycle rack. 
A concrete monolith base and machined wood structure with integrated Led lighting will make every interior environment stand out thanks to its unique design.

Base material

Concrete, used to make the load-bearing base of the lamp, makes it possible to create different shapes and surface colors depending on the method of preparation and casting in the mold. Every single step of its preparation influences the final structure, making it possible to have a discontinuous structure from every point of view. A living structure.

Frame material

The wooden frame that wraps the line of light is made of fir wood and resumes the rectangular geometry of the base projecting upwards. The frame has been handcrafted and mechanically milled in order to accommodate the LED profile that extends for the entire rectangular section.


The built in 2400 Lumen Led strip provides a 360° lighting experience. The remotely controllable light intensity enables to adapt the lamp to every environment, both indoor and outdoor. 



  • 40 kg concrete monolith base

  • CNC machined wooden light frame

  • 2400 Lumen dimmable led strip

  • Bike Stand

Light technical.001.png