It helps the environment

  • Cycling commutes reduces greenhouse gas emissions

  • Lower noise pollution and congestion

  • Reduces the need for new parking lots and roadways and saves valuable green space


It's good for your health

  • Strengthens your immune system 

  • Lowers your blood pressure

  • Lowers your stress levels and increases levels of the feel-good chemical serotonin


Saves you money

  • No expenses for gasoline refills

  • Lower maintenance costs when compared with other vehicles

  • No parking fees costs


Keeps you in shape

  • Cycling improves your posture

  • Contrasts a sedentary lifestyle

  • Increases your flexibility and overall muscle strength

  • Makes you lose weight 


Saves you time

  • Cycling is the fastest way of moving within a range of 8 km 

  • No traffic jams

  • Permits you to access limited traffic areas


Increases Street Safety

  • Cycling reduces the chance of collisions between drivers and riders

  • Makes users more responsible about bad drivers behaviour


Social Benefits

  • Riding a bicycle permits you to enjoy more the environment that surrounds you

  • Increases contact with your neighbours and community